Airport Engine

The Problem

Over 50% of travelers going through an airport in the U.S. are visiting that destination for the first time. Visitors to the airport have to use multiple apps and navigation tools for critical information. Now, through the global pandemic, travelers need this information even more to feel confident to travel again.

Brands have difficulty reaching this consumer in their time of need, as disparate systems make targeting with relevant offers nearly impossible, and travel companies struggle to participate in the rest of the travelers’ journey.

The Solution

Our Airport Engine omni-channel solution brings together contextual features and partner offerings to help place the right offer at the right time. 

The contextual toolset we have built helps travelers navigate the airport terminal safely, and with more confidence, through brands that they trust. 

The Results

92% of respondents to an extensive survey specified that they expect personalized real-time information when going to the airport. Isn’t it time we had that? 

As an end user, you receive the ideal connected travel journey. As a partner, you unlock new features and downstream upside that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate in. 

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